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Using a press release distribution service can be a great way to broaden market awareness, convert visitors into paying customers, and have your company written about by top journalists all over the world. These press release distribution services can offer a wide range of different options for businesses of all sizes, and each of them has a unique approach for getting your press release into the right hands. Ultimately, there are two different types of press release distribution packages – Free and Premium – and it can be a difficult task figuring out which one is the best press release distribution service for your business. To make your job easier, we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. Below, you’ll find a description and ranking of the 20 best press release distribution services in the world, with a list of their key benefits and advantages.

(A). List of Premium Press Release Distribution Services

For any company looking to get its products, services, and events mentioned by the top media organizations in the world, working with a premium (i.e. paid) press release distribution service is often the most appropriate choice. These services often have their own proprietary distribution networks, meaning it is very easy to push out a press release to thousands of media outlets and websites at any time. Moreover, all of these services have been optimized for the modern web, such that your press releases will be optimized for both search and social media sharing. In addition, they often have working relationships with top journalists, and have a very detailed knowledge of how to get your press release picked up by major search engines. With that in mind, here’s a closer look at the Top 10 premium press release distribution services, ranked according to how well they deliver online placement results, overall market perception of them, and the range of premium services that they can deliver to companies on a global basis.

#1: NewsWireNext.com

We would like to rank NewswireNEXT.com as #1 Premium Press Release Distribution Company in our list. With more than 200 agency partners worldwide, NewswireNEXT.com is fast becoming the go-to company for businesses, agencies and resellers looking for low-cost White Label Press Release Services.

NewswireNext.com has been named “Best Press Release Distribution Service” by top-tier media sites such as Today, Reuters and The Huffington Post, and there’s a good reason why: it is one of the few sites that guarantees maximum media pickup from some of the biggest names in the news industry, including MSNBC, PBS, FOX, CBS, ABC and NBC. Press release is also sent for syndication on NIE (News Information Engine) Circuit. News Information Engine is subscribed by millions of journalists, market makers, corporate decision makers, brokers etc to track & break news. With NIE, your press release will reach AP, Acquire Media, Comtex, LexisNexis, Factiva, News360, SyndiGate, DMN Newswire network & Newsletters, NewsCentral and media outlets like Digital Journal, Bloomberg, Business Week, Individual and many more. Moreover, press releases are also distributed to Google News, Bing News, and yahoo search engine, ensuring that your company’s latest news is popping up in news feeds all over the world.

This cheap press release distribution service offers a perfect mix of affordable pricing and extensive reach in order to get your company’s story told to as wide of an audience as possible. Apart from this, NewswireNEXT.com is the only company that offers white label press release service for free, ensuring that there’s no mention of their brand name in syndicated press release and distribution report. Hence, making it easy and convenient for resellers to offer NewswireNEXT.com PR distribution services as a part of their own offering to their clients.

For this type of media exposure, you might assume that you’d be paying a premium price tag, but it’s actually possible to syndicate out your company’s story for prices ranging from $49 to $259. The ease of use of NewswireNEXT.com makes it the preferred choice for entrepreneurs, businesses, start-ups, professional marketers and PR agencies.

#2: BusinessWire.com

Second on our list is BusinessWire. In terms of sheer breadth and comprehensiveness, it’s hard to top BusinessWire – it offers distribution to 89,000 media outlets in 162 countries. Moreover, you can drill down much deeper on those 89,000 media outlets in the form of 193 different industry and trade categories. Thus, if you were a company looking to get your company’s latest product news covered by the media, you would be able to leverage the vertical expertise of BusinessWire so that you could more precisely target the types of media outlets, journalists, and bloggers getting access to your press release.

BusinessWire is a Berkshire Hathaway company, meaning that the famous global investor Warren Buffett stands behind the service. This should give you all the peace of mind that you need that you are getting a truly world-class service. One important point here, however, is that BusinessWire is as focused on IR (Investor Relations) as on PR (Public Relations), so the service is obviously designed for publicly traded companies that need to keep in constant contact with both journalists and investment professionals.

One interesting feature of BusinessWire is the ability to deliver directly into the platforms used by the financial media, including AP, Dow Jones, Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg. This ensures that, as soon as news “breaks,” it’s not just reporters that will be writing about your company – it’s quite possible that your news could move public financial markets as investors rush to digest all the news.

Another interesting feature of BusinessWire is the company’s hyper-specialization by vertical (which the company refers to as “circuits.”) Thus, it’s possible to distribute your press release via a variety of geographic circuits (e.g. North America, Europe, Asia), or a variety of industry circuits (e.g. entertainment, healthcare, sports). There are also circuits designed around certain demographic groups, such as a LatinoWire service that specifically targets media outlets of particular interest to Spanish-speaking readers.

#3: GlobeNewswire.com

A key selling feature of GlobeNewswire.com is that it offers one of the world’s largest newswire distribution networks. If you are looking to maximize the reach of your latest press release, this is definitely a fact to keep in mind. The company specializes in delivery of corporate press releases, financial disclosures and multimedia content to media and investor communities. So, similar to BusinessWire, GlobeNewswire.com is a service that is of particular interest to publicly traded companies that are trying to reach investors and shareholders with each news blast.

And, just as BusinessWire.com is owned by Berkshire Hathaway, GlobeNewswire.com is owned by West Corporation, which recently acquired the company – and all of its PR-related assets – for a nifty price tag of $335 million. That price tag included an Influencers Database, a web briefing service, and other multimedia assets.

On its website, GlobeNewswire.com maintains an updated newsfeed of all new press releases hitting the system, making it a very convenient place for journalists to search directly. You can search press releases by variables such as date, country of origin and industry/vertical. Moreover, you can search press releases that have been tagged with “earnings” or “conference call” – a key feature for investors who simply want to drill down on news items that are likely to influence and impact earnings.

#4: MarketWired.com

West Corporation is also the owner of MarketWired.com, which offers a wide variety of services related to press releases and investor services (including regulatory filings and disclosures required by government entities). In terms of reach for its press release distribution services, MarketWired.com segments its outlets in terms of global news media, trade media, and specialty media. There are also a number of tools and options for integrating every new press release with social media. For example, the company automatically adds social media sharing functionality to every press release it distributes. Thus, anyone who receives the press release has the option of immediately sharing that press release on social media.

MarketWired.com also offers a number of support services that could be especially useful for foreign clients, such as full editorial support and translation. Thus, if you happen to be a foreign company in Mexico looking to get exposure in the much bigger market of the United States, you could use this support service to get a Spanish-language press release translated, updated and customized for U.S. readers.

One major focus of MarketWired.com is now called “Resonate” – it’s a full-service platform that ties together PR, IR and marketing professionals. Think of it as a one-stop shop for connecting with journalists, media professionals, bloggers and influencers. With Resonate, you gain the ability to post directly to social media or to the Corporate Newsroom of your home website.

#5: MarketersMedia.com

If you are simply looking for media exposure, and are not as concerned about investor filings and regulatory disclosures, one good option is MarketersMedia.com. This company offers worldwide distribution for your press releases, and has a very robust network of premium news sites where it can send your press release, including CBS, FOX, NBC, The CW, and the AP. It also sends your press release to highly authoritative sites, such as Google News.

Unlike other press release distribution services, where pricing can be very opaque, or where it is expected that you will bundle together a series of different premium services (such as marketing, PR and influencer outreach), MarketersMedia has a very easy-to-understand pricing system in place. There are four different tiers – Premium, Extended, Extended Plus and First Tier – with prices ranging from $99 for Premium to $289 for First Tier. With each new tier, you gain access to more media outlets. For example, if you pay $99 for a single press release, it will only be distributed to online newspaper websites and TV/radio news sites. To unlock additional media coverage, you will have to move up to a more expensive price tier.

#6: AccessWire.com

In terms of targeting specific media outlets with your press release, AccessWire.com particularly stands out as a top option. You can target media outlets by geography, by trade, or by investment community. Thus, if your goal is to hit a worldwide group of investors rather than journalists, you can really micro-target your audience with AccessWire.com. This investment community consists of CFAs, shareholders, banks and brokers.

There are plenty of other supporting services offered around the press release distribution service, including compliance reports, PR reports, web casts, and custom data feeds. Just to give you an idea of the size and quality of the company’s customer base – Coca-Cola is a client, as is F&M Bank Corp. And, further building on AccessWire’s prowess in getting your story told within the investment community, distribution partners for every press release include the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, Yahoo Finance, London Stock Exchange, and the OTC Markets.

#7: PRNewswire.com

If you are looking for incredible global distribution for your press release, it’s worth taking a closer look at PRNewswire. The company has over 300,000 media distribution points in 170 countries and across 40 different languages. There is literally nowhere in the world that is “off-limits” when you choose to work with PRNewswire. The company operates a complementary service called “PRNewswire for Journalists,” which is a way for journalists specifically to request certain stories in their inbox.

The company is particularly strong when it comes to multimedia content included along with your press release distribution. This multimedia can include photos, videos, infographics and even audio clips.  Moreover, one great feature of PRNewswire is called the Cision Communications Cloud. This is a one-stop shopping destination for all of your marketing, social media, press release, and media relations needs. You can monitor the performance of your press release across a variety of channels and platforms; discover influencers in your industry who can help to share your message; and monitor conversations taking place across the web in order to gain brand insights. With the Cision Communications Cloud, you are essentially getting a very powerful tool for building out your overall content strategy, with press releases a very important part of that overall strategy.

#8: PressWire.com

Operating since 2001, PressWire is one of the most respected names in the press release distribution industry, with a long track record extending back almost 20 years. And, as a result, the company has an unbelievable customer base comprise of some of the biggest brand names in the world, including auction houses Sotheby’s and Christie’s, RyanAir, Lavazza, and the Government of Dubai. Overall, the company offers a potential distribution reach of over 800,000 different editorial opportunities.

PressWire offers plenty of extra options for brands looking to boost their brand awareness in the media world. For example, the company is well regarded for its comprehensive reports that offer very good tracking of where your story is being picked up in the media. Moreover, the company offers translation services for foreign companies and brands, special geo-targeting, and lots of expanded media monitoring capabilities. If you are looking to get maximum bang for your buck, PressWire also has partnered with a number of name-brand distribution partners, including Google News, Thomson Reuters, Dow Jones Factiva and LexisNexis.

Pricing for PressWire can be a little confusing to figure out, however. If you are looking for a cheap press release service, then PressWire could be little expensive for you. You first have to decide whether you want a single press release distribution blast, or whether you’d prefer an annual subscription. Since a lot of big companies use PressWire, it’s easy to see why the annual subscription rates (ranging from $4,000 per year to $6,500 per yea) make the most sense. You can also send out a single press release for $250 as a basic rate. However, if you would like to include extras like “SEO Super Boost,” the price tag will be even higher.

#9: PRWeb.com

Owned by Cision, PRWeb.com is one of the most popular press release distribution tools on the Internet. Over 30,000 organizations use PRWeb.com, including a variety of business owners, corporations, PR professionals, social media experts, and marketers. One interesting feature of PRWeb is that all press releases are permanently hosted on PRWeb.com, creating a multimedia-friendly micro-site where you can send customers, readers, fans, or followers.

PRWeb.com makes its pricing very easy to understand, dividing its pricing into four main tiers: Basic ($99), Standard ($189), Advanced ($289) and Premium ($389).  With Basic, you are basically getting distributed just to major search engines. When you trade up to Standard, however, you are able to unlock hundreds of media partner websites. And when you make the further move to Advanced, you get your press releases e-mailed directly to job journalists on an industry-specific basis. When you opt for Premium, you also unlock the “Go Viral” functionality, which mean that your press release gets blasted out across Twitter and ends up in the networks of top online influencers.

#10: eReleases.com

With over 14,000 customers, eReleases really stands out as a top player in the online press release distribution business. The company refers to itself as a “small business leader,” and there’s a really good reason for that: of all the press release services, this one feels the most like a bespoke service created by journalists, for journalist. The site even advertises, “Real editors, no salespeople.”

The reach of this service is really noteworthy – a running counter on the website details the current number of customers, media distribution outlets and partners. Right now, for example, the company has nearly 7,500 syndicated submissions; 200,000 media distribution points; and a database of nearly 350,000 journalists, bloggers and influencers.

The company has been around for nearly 20 years, and in that time, has developed some very significant relationships with journalists and bloggers. This enables some very specific hyper-targeting for every new press release. While results and placement are not guaranteed, you can be assured that the company’s motto of “curation over quantity” is going to get your press release read by the right people. The company says it has close relationships with over 100,000 journalists, including top names at Bloomberg and CNN Money. That being said, pricing is not necessarily a bargain, with prices ranging from $299 to $499 for a single press release, depending on the length of the press release and how many media sites your press release will reach. If you choose the maximum $499 price, for example, your press release will get distributed to 150+ media sites.


Depending on the marketing and PR needs of your company, you can choose from a wide range of premium options offered by these paid press release distribution services. For example, some of these services cater specifically to publicly traded corporations that are trying to connect with investors, shareholders and traders as well as journalists. Others have special functionality – such as white label or private label press release services – that make them a good fit for marketing agencies and PR firms.

(B). List of Free Press Release Distribution Services

If you are looking to raise the profile of your company or brand, but are not quite ready to use a paid press release distribution service, one option is to use a free press release distribution service. In general, these services offer much more of a “pull” rather than “push” distribution model. In other words, paid services actively go out and push your company news to media outlets, news sites and journalists. In contrast, free services host your press release on their site, and then pull in journalists and media organizations to visit their site for breaking news and industry updates. With that in mind, the following is a list of the Top 10 free press release distribution services, ranked according to how well they provide maximum online exposure, the types of services and features included for free, and the proven effectiveness of these services in attracting journalists, bloggers and other members of the media to write about companies and events in specific industry verticals.

#11: PRLog.org

This top-rated press release distribution service offers free distribution to search engines, as well as free Javascript, HTML and RSS feeds. You also have the option of adding location and industry tags to your press release, as well as links. You also receive access to an SEO web page, access to customizable alerts, and your press own room within PRLog.com. All hosting on PRLog.org is free.

However, in order to maximum your reach and distribution, it’s best to take advantage of one or more of the premium features offered by PRLog.com. The most popular of these features is full integration with Cision PRNewswire, one of the top-rated premium press release distribution services. For a price of $349, you can gain access to over 5,700 press release distribution websites, as well as Yahoo News and Google News. There are also other options to receive discounted distribution to other news sites and journalists.

#12: FreePRnow.com

Like the name suggests, you can submit your press release and get it published for free on FreePRnow.com website. However, if you are looking for a quick, easy way to get your new press release featured on a web page, FreePRnow can help. For just an extra $10, you can get your press release featured on the home page of FreePRnow. Every $10 that you spend gets you 1,000 featured impressions. And, if you spend more than $100, then you get the triple the number of impressions. Thus, for example, if you spend $100 on FreePRNow.com, you can get 30,000 impressions instead of just 10,000 impressions. The important point to keep in mind here, though, is that these are visitor impressions on FreePRnow.com, and not visitor impressions on third-party media websites.

There are a few extra features that make FreePRnow worth a closer look. For example, you can remove or delete a press release at any time without any additional fee. For example, if you are changing a product line at your company, and would like customers to focus on your newest products (and not products that are no longer manufactured or out-of-date), you can simply delete your old press release and enter a new press release to take its place. A very convenient Business Directory page also makes it possible to find small and local businesses. This might be used, for example, if you are looking for partners within an industry, and are looking for similar types of fast-growing companies to contact about new business opportunities.

#13: PressReleasePoint.com

One of the key selling points of PressReleasePoint is just how easy it is to upload and publish a free press release. The company also maintains a sizable Facebook presence of 1,400+ followers and fans, which gives you access to a similar group of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and business managers looking for ways to grow their company. Every press release that is accepted for publication also gets guaranteed placement on PressReleasePoint.com. However, in order to submit your press release to 40+ free press release websites, you will need to pay $14.

In order to take your business to the next level, you will probably want to take advantage of some of the a la carte services of PressReleasePoint. For example, for just an additional $15, you can get a professional press release written by staff members at PressReleasePoint. For an extra $8, you can opt for “staggered” posting instead of “bulk” posting. What this means in practical terms is that you can spread out your 40 media distribution points across a full week, instead of sending them all out in 1 day. This is a useful way to ensure that you build momentum for a new PR initiative, with word-of-mouth buzz spreading about your new product launch, event or initiative over a period of 8 days.

#14: 1888pressrelease.com

With a tagline of “Publish your story to the world,” 1888pressrelease.com is one of the most popular of the free press release distribution services. The website has over 80,000 users and has published more than 150,000 approved press releases. And, in addition to being used by entrepreneurs and small business owners, it is also used by PR firms, marketing firms, SEO firms and journalists. A big selling point of 1888presslrelease is the ability to generate some very detailed distribution reports, which provide information like SEO stats. You can also choose to receive summary emails about the performance of your latest press release blast.

Of course, in order to unlock the real value of 1888pressrelease, you will need to choose one of the paid pricing tiers for its services. The basic free package allows you to submit and publish your press release on 1888pressrelease website. There are also Gold ($15), Platinum ($25), Diamond ($50), Ultimate ($150), and Ultimate Plus ($249) packages. For example, if you sign up for the Ultimate Plus package, you get access to all of the features of Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Ultimate – plus additional services, such as a free SEO consultation. This highest pricing tier also comes with a $100 money back guarantee.

#15: OpenPR.com

In terms of sheer scale and reach, it’s hard to argue with the track record of OpenPR. The company has distributed more than 1.5 million press releases from more than 200,000 authors. Moreover, the company is able to offer press release distribution according to a number of different verticals (e.g. IT and software, real estate and construction, business and economy, health and medicine). You can submit a press release free of charge, with a maximum of 1 press release per day. OpenPR will then check, review and even edit your press release before it is published on their website.

In order to reach a wider audience of media sites and journalists, however, you will need to purchase OpenPR credits. You use these credits in order to purchase larger distribution packages. For example, you can purchase 50 site credits for €59, which gives you the ability to distribute 50 press releases to a wider network of partners.

One interesting feature of OpenPR is that is specifically able to handle German-language press releases. So, if you are a European business owner looking to access the very large German market, this might be one way to access the market with a press release that has been optimized to reach German media publications. Or, if you are a German company looking to expand internationally, OpenPR might be able to provide specific market guidance that you would not be able to receive anywhere else.

#16: Scoopasia.com

If you are trying to get your word out about your new product or service in the Asian market, one free press release distribution service to consider is Scoopasia. The site is designed to help journalists and media organizations find the latest news and hottest leads from all over Asia. Users can drill down by a wide range of different verticals and industries, so that you are only searching for the news and leads that are directly relevant for your own business. For example, different industries include arts & entertainment, economy, technology, and health & medicine.

All content on Scoopasia is 100 percent free, and it is even free to register and set up your own account to use the site. One of the highlighted features of Scoopasia is the “Journalist’s Toolbox.” This is an online resource for media information in Asia, and covers all possible industries. The idea here is simple: if you want top journalists to cover your business or product, all you have to do is upload your press release to the site, and you have the potential to get unlimited exposure. Journalists and other users can sign up to get RSS feeds and emails customized by certain verticals, and there is even a Scoopasia Blog Search tool that enables registered users to search posts of prominent and influential blogger from across Asia.

#17: ExactRelease.org

With a tagline of “News as it’s released,” ExactRelease gives you the ability to have your free release prominently place on its home page. Unlike other free press release distribution services, which often have websites that are difficult or confusing to navigate, ExactRelease has a streamlined, three-column approach to web design – the center column features the latest news releases, and is flanked by two columns filled with different industry verticals that are very easy to search.

ExactRelease prides itself on its easy registration process. And, to keep out spam press releases, the website will require you to enter the name of your company. Once you’ve done that, you are well on your way to what the company refers to as “maximum online coverage.” This includes targeted search engine exposure, easy social media bookmarking capabilities, and the ability to create XML feeds.

#18: MarketPressRelease.com

With an active user base of 80,000+ members, MarketPressRelease stands out as one of the most popular and trustworthy free press release distribution services. There are extensive testimonials from customers, for example, that highlight why tens of thousands of people are using this service to gain maximum press exposure for their company, business or brand. The tagline for the site is “helping businesses connect with customers,” and to make that possible, MarketPressRelease has created more than 100 different industry verticals, arranged in alphabetical order from A to Z, all of which can be searched by site users.

MarketPressRelease offers three different plan tiers. The first tier is the Free Plan, and includes the ability to upload one new press release per day. To help with the promotional push, MarketPressRelease provides some SEO support for these press releases. Then, there are two paid plans – the Business Plan ($24 per month) and the VIP Plan ($40 per month). With the Business Plan, you are able to upload up to 5 new press releases per day; with the VIP Plan, you are able to upload up to 15 different press releases per day. With this type of volume, you can see why this free press release distribution service would make a good match for a large agency or marketing PR firm looking to add press release services to its menu of available services.

#19: PRSync.com

PRSync stands out first and foremost for its ability to serve both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking customers. With just a single click of a button, you can toggle between English and Spanish on PRSync, making this free press release distribution service an interesting consideration for any company attempting to reach the Latino population within the United States, or any foreign company looking to teach the Hispanic audience in North or South America. PRSync has over 1,000 followers on Twitter, so you can get a good feel for the types of companies, businesses and brands that are using this free press release distribution service.

The company offers press releases within eight different industry verticals, including entertainment & media, healthcare and technology. You can submit a press release for free, and then users can search the different verticals for free. The tagline for the website is “Discover what others are officially saying,” and the site is growing as a go-to destination for people to check out company press releases. There is even an option to subscribe to company press releases.

#20: ForPressRelease.com

While it’s free to have your company press release listed on the ForPressRelease website, you will need to convert to a paid user in order to access some of the premium features, such as sponsored news releases, professional press release writing services, premium PR campaigns or special promotional videos.

One interesting feature of ForPressRelease is the “featured press release of the day,” which is an easy way to get your company highlighted on the main landing page of the website. If you are looking for a way to showcase to clients that your recent company announcement is truly newsworthy, this might be a good feature to use. ForPressRelease also has a website widget tool and a Google Play app, which makes it possible to upload and search press releases directly from your Android phone.


The key to using these press release distribution services is understanding which options are free, and which ones require upgrading to a paid pricing tier. Obviously, a “free” service wouldn’t stay in business if it gave everything away for free, so the goal of these services is to convert users into purchasing some of their paid options. There is a wide range in the types of paid functionality and options that are available – everything from a guaranteed number of impressions to SEO advisory services that can really make your press release “pop” once it’s distributed. Depending on your unique business needs, you can prioritize which of these make the most sense for your company.

Ultimately, the choice of whether or not to use a premium press release distribution service or a free press release distribution services needs to be based on your overall business goals. If your goal is simply to raise overall brand awareness and add some low-cost PR and marketing functionality within your organization, you can probably opt for free press release distribution services. However, if your business goal is to get your company mentioned on some of the top media websites on the world, to have the most important bloggers and journalists talking about your company, and to have your company turn up at the very top in search engine rankings, then you should really consider a premium press release distribution service. The best press release distribution services can help you get the media attention for your company that it needs to grow at a price that makes sense for your overall budget.

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