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The following are some of the AI stories we are tracking:

How Robot Hands Are Evolving to Do What Ours Can

One of the areas that artificial intelligence comes really handy is precision engineering. One particular field that is evolving is robotic engineering. Controlling a robotic hand to perform complex tasks on its own instead of manning it is now possible thanks to advances in AI and machine learning. Read how AI-powered robotic hands can learn more complex tasks on their own on New York Times.

Google bolsters edge computing strategy with a new version of its TPU AI chips for edge devices

The global search giant is working on fusing the Internet of Things devices with AI. Google has announced its Cloud IoT Edge software and Edge TPU chip, which will be released as a reference design in October, will bring machine learning to IoT. Google is coming out with its own version of machine learning chips as it sees future in is IoT and AI convergence. Read more about Google’s TPU AI chip for edge devices on Geek Wire.

Ford follows GM’s Cruise move with self-driving spinoff

Even as its competitors are miles ahead in the field of self-driving cars, Ford Motors plans its own AI foray. Ford has announced that it will invest a whopping $4 billion for 5 years in its new Ford Autonomous Vehicles unit. Ford said that the $4 billion included the acquisition price of AI startup Argo AI last year. Ford will invest $4 billion through 2023 in its newly formed autonomous vehicle unit, Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC. Source: Reuters.

Despite Pledging Openness, Companies Rush to Patent AI Tech

With AI driving tech for a foreseeable future, many companies have pledged openness in developing the tech. But it all seems to a sham as companies are rushing to patent AI tech. For the record, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft have all released as open source software that their own engineers use for machine learning. But a look at the National Bureau of Economic Research study released this month shows US filings related to machine learning, the technology driving the current AI boom, increasing rapidly. Read more on Wired.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence Depends on Trust

Purchasing a home or car is an exciting moment in a person’s life. Consumers may be comfortable with and even appreciate data-driven recommendations in the search process, for example, from websites that suggest homes based on properties they’ve previously viewed. But what if the decision to grant a mortgage or auto loan is made by a machine-learning algorithm? Can it be right? Read why Anand Rao and Euan Cameron say that the future of artificial intelligence depends on trust on Strategy Business.

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