Bolivia closes February with Deflation

La Paz, Mar 8 (Prensa Latina) February closed for the Bolivian economy with a positive variation of the Consumer Price Index (CPI), or deflation, of 0.15 percent, the National Statistics Institute reported today.
An INE report indicates that the percentage variation of the CPI is lower than that registered in the same period of 2018, which rose to 0.32 percentage points.

The CPI indicator accumulates so far this year a rise of 0.07 percent and in 12 months it totals 0.95 percentage points.

According to the organization, the variation – known as deflation – was registered mainly in the Metropolitan Region Kanata (0.31), in Oruro (0.24), conurban community of Santa Cruz (0.20), Potosí (0.12), conurban community of La Paz (0.09) and Sucre (0.05).

At the same time, the prices of chicken meat, grapes and interdepartmental transport by bus registered a greater fall in tariffs in February; and with the addition of onion these same products also accumulated a deflationary incidence in the first two months of 2019.

In contrast, in terms of products and goods and services, there was an upward variation in prices of tomatoes, green peas, university and secondary education, health, recreation and culture.

Signed between the Ministry of Economy and the Central Bank of Bolivia, the Financial Fiscal Program for 2019 sets an annual inflation target of 4.0 percent.

Deflation is a gradual and persistent slowdown in the growth rate of the consumer price index.


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