Bruneians among top online users

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BRUNEI Darussalam is among 13 countries with the highest social media penetration at 410,000 users or 99 per cent of its ‘eligible’ population (aged 13 and above).

This is reported in the eighth annual Digital Report 2019 commissioned by ‘Hootsuite and We Are Social’ published on Thursday.

The social media where Bruneians excelled was Instagram where they became the most users per population numbering 220,000 (or 63 per cent of its population aged 13 and above).

Meanwhile, Hootsuite and We Are Social said that in a number of countries, the total number of social media ‘users’ actually exceeds the total ‘eligible’ population by a considerable margin.

“We’ve capped our ‘eligible’ penetration figures at 99 per cent because it’s unrealistic to expect that everybody in a country uses social media. And it’s also likely that some of these ‘users’ will represent duplicate accounts,” the report said.

According to the latest available data by the report, the total number of monthly active Facebook ‘users’ in the Sultanate was 410,000, up by 11 per cent compared to in 2017. Of the number, 85 per cent of them accessed Facebook via mobile phones. The males dominated Facebook ‘users’ in the country at 56 per cent.

In the search engine Google, top queries in 2017 for Bruneians were ‘Brunei’, ‘Facebook’ and ‘YouTube’. Top websites in the Sultanate were, followed by and

There are 360,000 mobile social media users in Brunei (or 82 per cent of its population aged 13 and above).

On another note the report said despite a troubling year in 2018, Facebook maintains its top platform global ranking in early 2019 and contrary to ongoing media hysteria, there’s little evidence to suggest that people are leaving the platform in any significant numbers.

After Facebook, the next top platform ranking at the beginning of this year is YouTube and followed by WhatsApp.

The number of people accessing the Internet now stands at 4.39 billion, up from 4.02 billion in 2018.

Google, YouTube and Facebook remain the most visited websites in the world.

Ninety-two per cent of users watch some form of videos online and 58 per cent uses the Internet to stream television.

The report added, almost three-and-a-half billion people are active on social media, accounting for 45 per cent of the world’s population, up from 42 per cent in 2018. Of these, 3.25 billion access social media through mobile devices.

Users spend an average of two hours and 16 minutes on social networks daily. Filipinos remain the heaviest users, browsing social media for more than four hours a day, compared with just 36 minutes in Japan.

More than five billion people in the world (two thirds of the planet’s inhabitants) own a mobile phone with 42 per cent accessing social networks on some kind of mobile device.

More than half of Internet users said they bought something online using their phones in the previous month.

Globally, 41 per cent of Internet users have accessed banking services via mobile but in Thailand and Sweden more than seven in 10 used mobile banking.

Two thirds of connected phones are smartphones and the most popular apps in the world are Facebook Messenger, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Netflix is at number nine and music streaming service Spotify is at number 10, whereas TikTok is the fourth most downloaded smartphone app globally.

The report also said social media penetration in the Southeast Asian region is at 61 per cent, just a few percentage points behind North America and East Asia, which are at the top with 70 per cent.

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