French Yellow Jackets Protest for Seventh Consecutive Weeke…

29 de diciembre de 2018, 11:50París, Dec 29 (Prensa Latina) The so-called yellow jackets returned today to French streets with the firm purpose of protesting the social and fiscal policies of the Government.

Despite the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, hundreds of demonstrators gathered at the Champs Elysees of this capital, about one thousand of them in the center of Marseille (Southeast), as well as in Bordeaux (Southwest), where news media report numerous incidents, in Toulouse (South) or Lyon (Center).

Several members of the movement which started spontaneously agree in announcing actions here for the 31st December, New Year’s Eve and assert they will not stop in 2019, when they announce strong congregations in January, despite the concessiuons made by French president, Emmanuel Macron.

Different claimants interviewed by local TV consider insufficient the measures promoted by the head of States and they now demand the ‘summoning of a referendum by citizen initiative’ and ‘reduction of taxes for the basic products’.

The yellow jackets made their first national uprising on November 17 with 282 thousand participants against the rise in fuel prices, although their demands later extended, among others, against the loss of buying power.

Consequently, Macron responded with a rise of 100 euros to the minimum salary, the annulment of the rise in prices for pensions below two thousand euros, the exemption of taxes and quotations for overtime work plus the petition to companies to pay a voluntary addition in salaries at the end of the year.

However, last December 22, the police prefecture counted in 38 thousand 600 the demonstrators and announced the arrest of over 100 persons for taking part in groups that could commit violent actions or in possession of objects to that end.

Since the beginning of the protests, 10 citizens died accidentally and 1500 were wounded, 50 severely.


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